The breath-taking, picturesque shoreline of Northern Ireland

This ‘Shoreline’ collection of women’s apparel in premium, pure Irish linen celebrates the beautiful shoreline of Northern Ireland.  Each piece is named after an area along the coast which was also the location for filming the much acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones ‘ series.

We begin with ‘Binevenagh’, in Co Londonderry and over a series of posts we will bring you a local perspective on why Northern Ireland is the most beautiful, tranquil, and culturally exciting place to live and why it is the perfect place to visit.

Sitting proudly above Lough Foyle where the river meets the wild Atlantic ocean Binevenagh mountain was the location for Game of Thrones, Season 5 where the Dothraki horde captured Daenerys after Drogon rescued her from the attack on Daznaks Pit.  In Season 6, when Daenerys intentionally drops a ring, Daario Naharis and Ser Jorah Mormont realise their Queen has been taken by a Dothraki Khalasar.

The distinctive basalt escarpment of Binevenagh has a vertical drop of more than 100m and dominates the landscape for miles around. The rock itself was formed over 60 million years ago by molten lava flows and marks the extreme west of the Antrim Plateau.

The area has been classified as both an Area of Special Scientific Interest and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The summit of Binevenagh affords panoramic views of Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and the west coast of Scotland.  The nearby trout lake is popular with fishermen and gliders from the Ulster Gliding Club can be spotted overhead.

It is worth coming here just for the stunning views.  Bishops Road over the mountain is narrow but allows you a drive right to a vantage point at the very top.  The road up, leads off the Windyhill Road which until the 1970’s was known as the Murderhole Road. The road joins the market towns of Limavady and Coleraine.

Cushy Glen, the infamous 18th century highwayman, used this lonely stretch of road to prey upon unsuspecting farmers returning from the market. The name arises from the murder hole, where Cushy is said to have had his den. Rumour has it he was assisted in his gruesome deeds by his wife Kitty.  Cushy Glen was shot in 1799 by a farmer, John Hopkins when trying to rob him.   So fleeing from the Sons of the Harpy in the fighting pit of Meereen, Daenerys was not alone in a struggle  for survival in this location.

In the nearby town of Limavady, award winning, Owens Bar, one of the oldest in Northern Ireland is well worth a visit, and is home to the fifth door in a series of ten which mark the unfolding of Season 6 in Game of Thrones.  The doors were commissioned following the storm in 2016 which brought down some trees at the ‘Dark Hedges’, another filming location for the series.

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