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Conscious and Sustainable

A change in the industry starts with the customer. Quality is key when it comes to sustainable fashion unlike fast-fashion, clothes need to be designed to withstand wear after wear, constant seasonal changes as well as repeated washing; this is the reason for sustainable clothing being so expensive to produce.  It’s the processes involved with sustainable products that are […]

Sarah Burton’s Outstanding Season

A sense of community is what was felt at the McQueen show in Paris earlier this week, with a trip to the Isle of Ireland evident throughout the collection; with inspiration from the flowers, some 300 year-old techniques and traditionally hand crafted Irish Linen – this collection was sure to cause a scene. Northern Ireland […]

Stella McCartney and Sustainable Style

Living in the world where sustainability is a must in every industry in order to reduce climate change, Stella McCartney leads the way for designers within the fashion industry by practicing the use of new alternative materials within the design stage. The idea behind Stella McCartney’s initiative is to push the boundaries within fashion designing […]

Linen Legend that is Sybil Connolly

Irish Linen is known all across the world for its timeless aesthetic and practicality as well as its high quality standard, it is a material that is still in today’s’ fashion and textile industry highly regarded, and is mainly applied in the making of luxurious textiles. Looking into the history of Irish Linen, the infamous […]