Bridie Mullin believes sustainability should be integral to design and creativity and should not be compromised by the aftermath of production.  Offering limited small batch production runs, the business makes modern pieces at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion.

All materials and craftsmanship are sourced in Ireland and as close as possible to the studio on the north coast, minimising the carbon footprint.  Only linen from factories certified by the ‘Irish Linen Guild’ are used in production.  Whilst linen requires only the cellulose fibres from the flax plant, the residue is used to produce cattle feed and linseed oil.  During the growing period flax has a natural resistance to pests thus requiring no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.  As a natural fibre linen acts as a thermal regulator, keeping the body insulated in winter and cool in summer. Linen becomes softer with every wash, requires no dry cleaning and thus no chemicals.  

From seed to stitching there is zero waste in production.  Fabric remnants are converted into small items for the craft/tourist market and the proceeds used to fund sustainable packaging for the apparel range.  We recycle the packaging we receive from suppliers and the packaging we use in despatch is fully bio-degradable.   In addition, we monitor and reduce energy use where possible.

We create timeless pieces that do not fade, pile or loss their shape so you can enjoy your linen pieces year after year.

We encourage upcycling and recycling. If you have not used items in the past 9 months someone else can.  Please donate to charities and community centres.