Let’s talk London Fashion Week

London fashion week has finished up for the year 2019 and there have been some fantastic displays of fashion designing, application of skills and technique, and use of materials. Fashion week in general was founded by the British Fashion Council to provide designers with the opportunity to display their designs for the upcoming spring/summer collections.

I spent time over the weekend loving the designs showcased by the fabulous talent of current and up in coming brands. Molly Goddard appeared on the scene five years for with her light layers of tulle that symbolise her work and have established her label for what it truly is. While showcasing her designs for this seasons London Fashion week, on the 14th of September, her models graced the catwalk wearing full skirt that floated past the front row of the elite. For this seasons trends, Goddard spent her time refining her technical know-how; the new pieces reflected where effortlessly light, being kept afloat by the new pattern-cutting methods and precise use of layering. It was evident from the catwalk that Molly Goddard has gone from strength to strength, using her definite techniques to create something beautiful.

In comparison, designer Victoria Beckham opted for the neat-and-together tailoring with inspiration taken from the 70’s with its chic and effortless flowing essence. Her silhouettes are simple, yet, with the addition of colour, the right materials and patterns, she transforms something so simplistic into effortless style. Beckham has transformed her collections over the years; focusing on black for so long, she realised that colour is beautiful.

Although there is a difference between both Molly Goddard and Victoria Beckham’s style and collections, they both demonstrate by capturing the true essence of what fashion week is. It has let us, the public; see what is created when original designs are combined with the techniques and methods of the designers that will be in turn recreated by high street labels.

By Alex McCluskey

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