Stella McCartney and Sustainable Style

Living in the world where sustainability is a must in every industry in order to reduce climate change, Stella McCartney leads the way for designers within the fashion industry by practicing the use of new alternative materials within the design stage. The idea behind Stella McCartney’s initiative is to push the boundaries within fashion designing and create luxurious products in a way that does not cause environmental harm; from never using animal fur or leather as well as pioneering new alternative materials in order to utilise state of the art technologies, protecting the world around us and measuring the impact our current habits are having on the environment.

Stella McCartney lives by showing respect for nature and also showing respect for the animals as well as people who live on the planet together. Her label has taken a complete ethical and Eco-friendly approach to fashion designing. The main aim of the label is to operate a modern yet responsible business which uses it’s platform for the good of the environment. From the early days of her career, Stella McCartney made a promise to herself and her career that she would not kill any animals for the sake of fashion; and she has not compromised herself yet. In more recent years, she has stopped using PVC in her designs after Adidas informed her of all the health hazards associated with it. This became and incentive for the label, she took it upon herself to develop a more sustainable alternative to viscose. Being an independent sustainable fashion pioneer is difficult considering she is one of the few advancing and fighting for sustainability in the fashion industry in order to save our environment.

Sustainability all starts with the people, the future of fashion relies on us the consumers; from the people who make and produce the materials for garment construction, the employees of the brands and also the consumer. It is all down to us.

McCartney wants to use her power within the industry to change how garments are produced and distributed fairly. In this day and age, we should not have inhuman labour conditions in garment production factories, everyone is entitled to fair wages with safe and sanitary conditions; this is also known as social sustainability.

The Stella McCartney label is not only looking at finding ways to reduce the world’s impact on the environment, but also trying to introduce methods of having a positive impact by welcoming regenerative agriculture and fighting climate change within the supply chain of the fashion industry.

By Alex McCluskey

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