Oxfam’s Sustainable September

Leading charity retailer Oxfam, had launched what they call a ‘Second-hand September’ initiative to urge shoppers to make more fashion conscious choices in regards to their spending and bargain hunting. Oxfam’s Independent fashion advisor Bay Garnett, stated that buying second-hand clothing for one month could give people a sense of empowerment, let them know that their change in habits will help the world reduce its footprint. It has been launched to encourage people to reject the want for new clothes and in turn, turn other consumers unwanted garments into your new must have staple wardrobe obsession.

Coming into the autumn season, we will be seeing all the new collections being showcased during Septembers London Fashion Week; a trade event organised by the British Fashion Council. The purpose of the event was to give the designers the opportunity to showcase their work ahead of purchase dates. This is usually a time for fashion VIP’s to make their mark on the upcoming season; from designers to influential bloggers, the front row of the catwalk is filled with eager on lookers to see the latest and greatest trends that are soon to grace the high street at a more affordable price. However there has been a growing number of people that are speaking out against fast fashion, particularly events run by the British Fashion Council.

With London Fashion Week fast approaching, environmental activists are out in force demonstrating and rallying together to show that they are there to protest against the fast fashion epidemic that has taken over the fashion industry. Not everyone is looking forward to London Fashion week on the 13th of September, Climate Change Activists from Extinction Rebellion are planning to peacefully disrupt London Fashion Week to reinforce the detrimental impacts the fashion industry is having on the environment.

It is time for us to reavaluate how we shop, how we spend and how our habits affect the environment and take a stand against fast fashion.

By Alex McCluskey

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